‘Buggin & Shroomin’

Exhibition at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre

‘Buggin and Shroomin’ a photography exhibition at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre by Let’s Go Buggin and Let’s Go Shroomin tour operator and photographer Bridgette Gower.

The exhibition highlights some of Bridgette’s images of some of the regular animals and fungi, as well as some of the more unusual and rare finds. Bizarre beetles, such as the Featherhorn Beetle, or juvenile Graceful Tree Frog. The exhibition also features her artistic collection ‘DISCO BUGS’ which are inspired from her former life as a DJ.

Prints are available for purchase and also made to order. Locals and visitors are welcome to come and see the exhibition. Entry is Free and is open from 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 2pm Weekends. (Subject to community bookings in the Multi-Purpose room)

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Large Prints

Baby Graceful © Bridgette Gower 2021 Aussie Macro Photos

‘Baby Graceful’ framed with hand-picked recycled wood, hand-crafted locally in Cairns, finished size of frame 884 x 710mm.  Print 420 x 594mm.

Birdwing Bokeh

‘Birdwing Bokeh’ Acrylic Wall Mount 3mm, 100 x 62.5 cm.  Available for purchase or Made to Order.

Riding the wave of nature and photography enthused locals and tourists, Bridgette has carved out a unique niche with photography of all the beautiful animals that live in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

“It’s astounding to see the variety of amazing animals right in the centre of Cairns, in the Cairns Botanic Gardens. Every week I am finding something I’ve never seen before! I’ve spent over 1000 hours in the gardens and it’s so exciting and inspiring to know I’m still uncovering new and interesting find hidden in the undergrowth.”

Blue Featherhorn

‘Blue Featherhorn’ Acrylic Wall Mount 3mm, 80 x 60 cm.

Frog In Bromiliad

‘Frog in Bromiliad’ Acrylic Wall Mount 3mm, 80 x 60 cm.

Mantis and Spider

‘Mantis & Spider’ Canvas Wall Hanging 80 x 60 cm.

Postcards & Greeting Cards

Aussie Macro Photos Tour Postcards Collage of 8 Let's Go Buggin photographs
Mushroom postcards Bundles from Aussie Macro Photos

Available to purchase individually, as packs of 8 (Buggin OR Shroomin), OR place a wholesale order for your shop.

Aussie Macro Photos Jumping Spiders greeting cards Salticidae collage poster of the 10 designs of greeting cards

A collection of Greeting Cards with the DISCO BUGS artistic design, dedicated to Jumping Spiders (Salticidae).   Available to purchase individually, as a pack of 10, OR place a wholesale order for your shop.


Various from DISCO BUGS Champaign Collection.  Prints Made to order.

Various from DISCO BUGS Collection.  Prints Made to order.

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