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In a brand-new enterprise not offered in Cairns previously, Aussie Macro Photos is now running Guided Tours Let’s Go Buggin and Let’s Go Shroomin for those interested in seeing and or photographing some of the many of the lifeforms she has photographed in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Owner of Aussie Macro Photos, Bridgette’s 1000 plus hours spent in the gardens has allowed her to become aware of many host plants and locations for a variety of caterpillars, cocoons, moths and butterflies, leaf, tree and planthoppers, praying mantis, jumping spiders, tortoise beetles, damselflies and dragonflies, and a variety of frogs.  Her experience has also given her exceptional knowledge of where to find some amazing mushroom hot-spots with incredible colours and formations.

Guided Macro Photography Tours Through the Cairns Botanic Gardens

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Shroomin Time – February 2021

Shroomin Time - February  2021 Group Photo by Cristina Bevilaqua at The Photo Corner. Mushroom Photography Tour Highlights Shroomin season is in full swing with enough regular rain to keep the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) blooming for our Let's Go Shroomin Mushroom Photography Tours. Our Special Let’s Go Shroomin - Mushroom Tour with local Mycologist Barry Muir on 7th February was a great success with some great examples of our [...]

February 20, 2021|Shroomin Time|

Buggin with Bridgey – February 2021 (Night Walk Report)

Buggin with Bridgey - February  2021 (Night Walk Report) In the last month, I have done quite a few reconnaissance night walks in preparation to launch them as a weekly Let's Go Buggin - Night Walk Tour.   I have found some great little bug-hubs and become really familiar with the species likely to make appearances, so this blog will feature some of the critters I have been seeing on these research walks. Dwarf Tree Frogs [...]

February 17, 2021|Bridgette's Blog|

Shroomin Time – January 2021

Shroomin Time - January  2021 Welcome to the first Let’s Go Shroomin!   During the wet season, I will provide a number of blogs to keep you upto date with all the latest sightings on the Let's Go Shroomin Tours. It was a gradual start to the season with only a few drops of rain during October and November that wasn’t quite enough to really fire up the mycelium and get things fruiting.  But once the [...]

January 21, 2021|Shroomin Time|

Buggin with Bridgey – January 2021

Buggin with Bridgey - January  2021 Welcome to Buggin with Bridgey January 2021!  A definite change of season in the buggy world!  I’m keeping track of the animals I see, and it was a sudden shift from one week to another and I started seeing LOTS of crickets, especially one species in particular.  There was also the appearance of cicadas, snails, katydids as well as a big jump of weevil sightings. In just one day [...]

January 19, 2021|Bridgette's Blog|

My mission to find a Maratus

My mission to find a Maratus Peacock Jumping Spider My mission to find a Maratus Peacock Jumping Spider continues… I've spent months, many days, for many hours now walking at a snail's pace, searching for the tiny cute little critters. My son Toby would come along when he could or when the skatepark wasn’t calling his name to get photos for his major Year 6 macro photography exhibition project. We have been in touch with the ultimate Peacock [...]

December 21, 2020|B-Shizz Blog|