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Private Charters are available for people who are looking for something a little extra with their photography or adventure in Cairns. Perhaps you are wanting a private tour to be sure that you have every opportunity available for you to get the best photographs possible. Perhaps you have a list of critters you want to see and would like Bridgette’s expertise to find them. Perhaps you just prefer a solo tour so you have Bridgette’s undivided attention. Whatever your preference, we are happy to assist you in your quest for an amazing adventure.

Bridgette has expertise and experience in a variety of wildlife and locations in and around Cairns. Her extensive experience in the local area has given her abundant knowledge of where and when to find a myriad of species in the Fungi kingdom as well as a vast range of Insects, Arachnids, Reptiles and Amphibians.

Night walks in a variety of locations

Night walks are a fantastic opportunity to see some critters who you don’t normally see. We have a number of locations in the Cairns region that are fantastic for spotting all sorts of nocturnal creatures. Some locations are great for frogs, other locations are great for phasmids. Over the years, many night walks have increased our knowledge and experience of what animals can be found in what location, and also the best time of year to see certain animals.

Fungi Forays & Forages

The world is fast becoming Fungi Fans! Bridgette’s first love of macro photography came from her fascination with the fungi kingdom. Bridgette has lead Fungi forays with some of Australia’s leading Mycologists and PHD students. Head to Bridgette’s Mushroom dedicated Instagram account to see the glorious variation of fungi and slime moulds available in Tropical Far North Queensland.


“Do you love nature? A few hours with Bridgette will have you in sheer amazement of the tiny world of insects, butterflies, beetles, cool spiders, frogs and the most captivating shapes and colours of fungi. As a Sydney-based photographer I had a project that I needed to complete in the Wet Tropics and booking Bridgette to take me out on several private excursions where I had her undivided attention was a godsend. I could take my time to photograph the subjects she found in the best light and to be able to get awesome photographic angles as well was incredible. No pressure, just moving at my own pace. As a highly regarded photographer in her own right, Bridgette knew exactly what I required and was the consummate professional. Her knowledge of both the wildlife and the fungi is extensive and made my job so much easier. Bridgette knows the Cairns area so well that she can pinpoint where to go to find the species you want to see, if that’s your need, and her success rate is wonderful. We had a great time. Not only were the wildlife and fungi spectacular but the whole experience with Bridgette was warm and comfortable. It was like going bugging with a good friend.

Rob Annesley, Shot by Rob


“With my recent project with Queensland Frogs, I contacted Bridgette to arrange some Private Charters as I knew this was the best chance I had at seeing as many target species in the region.

No one else in the Cairns Region is better equipped to offer nature photographic charters. Bridgette will not only find these incredibly interesting creatures but also offer assistance with the best way to digitally capture them. Bridgette graciously taught me where and how to look for critically endangered frogs and lots of wonderful little creatures that I never knew existed.

If you love finding Frogs, or other interesting organisms as much as I do, and your’e in the Cairns region, then you just have to book a Private Charter with Bridgette from Aussie Macro Photos.  Bridgette is an expert for finding Frogs, fungi and invertibrates, an extremely gifted Naturalist and and a renowned artist.

Bridgette has the level of expertise that only comes with spending endless hours ‘in-the-field’.  It’s a Must Do for any Nature Lover!”

Brett Malcolm – Creator of Queensland Frogs Facebook Group    #brett_finds_Frogs    


“We planned our trip around trying to see as many frog species as we could.  We had our wish-list and a plan.  We contacted Bridgette and arranged two night walks to try and reach our target species.  It was fantastic! We managed to see the majority of the species we were targeting plus many others. Bridgette was extremely knowledgeable, and I could feel her enthusiasm and excitement throughout the tour…I loved it! I certainly would not hesitate to do another tour with Bridgette when back in Cairns.”

Chris, South Australia

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Please email with information on your preferred dates, amount of walks, people in your group, animals wishing to see and other information to help create a private charter suitable for you.

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