Special Nature Walks

Looking to venture further?  Let’s Go Buggin has a range of Special Nature Walks to various locations around Cairns to expand your nature photography and buggin experience.    Each tour is specifically designed to get the best out of each location.    Special Tours run for 2-3 hours.

Night Walks

Night walks are a fantastic opportunity to see some critters who you don’t normally see.  We will likely see many frogs, including White-lipped Tree Frogs, Northern stony creek frogs, Bi-colour tree frogs and Dwarf tree frogs.   There is a myriad of nocturnal insects including Crickets, Longicorn beetles and Katydids.   You will also likely see the incredible Net-casting spiders, Huntsman Spiders and Orb-weaver spiders.  Depending on the season we may also see Striped possums, Speckled flying foxes, Papuan frogmouths and Microbats.  Night walks are conducted within a few areas of the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Every Wednesday – Please reserve your spot as tickets are limited due to permit.
30th & 31st October (Special Halloween Walks)

Let’s Go Shroomin

Tropical Far North Queensland has an incredible variety of fungi.   The wet season is an exciting time if you are keen on exploring the undergrowth for our incredible fungi varieties.  We are lucky to have consistent mushrooms, stinkhorns (Phallus sp.), polypores, fans, boletes, ascomycetes (zombies), corals and birdnest fungi and slime moulds all just waiting to be seen and photographed.  This is the only specialised fungi photography walking tour in Australia.

Every Sunday 8.30am. (During wet season December to May each year) Bookings recommended or just turn up with your payment.  EFTPOS Available.   Book here: Let’s Go Shroomin

Special Guest Barry Muir February 7th 2021 – COMPLETED

Goomboora Park

Beetle Party! Goomboora Park has been a great spot to consistently find a whole range of interesting insects, especially beetles.  All year round I have found Golden tortoise beetles, Orange tortoise beetles and 28 Spotted Ladybeetles.  They all make excellent (although challenging) subjects for macro photography.  I also see many Jewel Beetles, Longicorn Beetles, Crab spiders, Four O’clock Moth and Tailed Emperor Caterpillars, Praying mantis and a variety of stick insects.  It’s also been a great spot for all sorts of beautiful mushrooms and slime moulds.


2021 March TBC
2021 October and November dates TBA

Catanna Wetlands

A Special Nature Walk at Catanna Wetlands gives ample opportunity to photograph many jumping spiders, especially Green Jumping Spiders (Mopsus mormons), but also an impressive amount of damselflies and dragonflies.   Regular sightings of Four O’Clock Moth Caterpillars and lace monitor or tree goanna (Varanus varius) as an added treat.  The gardens are well maintained and there is a very user-friendly pathway meandering around many parts of the wetlands.  It also makes for a great place for bird-watching.

2021 – April TBC
2021 – May TBC