Sumatra Photography Expeditions

A Nature Photographers Trip of a Lifetime!

‘A surprise around every corner’

Aussie Macro Photos is proud to host a Sumatra Photography Expeditions.  This is a nature photographer’s trip of a lifetime, giving you access to some of the world’s most incredible creatures in the Sumatran rainforest. The Gunung Leuser National Park is extremely rich in biodiversity and has endless opportunities for photographers to capture gorgeous images.

Get up close and personal to the IUCN Critically Endangered Sumatran Orangutans, as well as a number of other monkeys & primates including Gibbons.  Marvel at the super-glamourous Great Argus Pheasant.  Stroll through the accommodation grounds and see a host of harmless tree snakes, and other beautiful reptiles.  Be wowed by the incredible colours and formations of arthropods, with endless butterflies, spiders and every other insect you can imagine!

This location is special for a number of reasons.  This patch of UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park once hosted a successful rehabilitation and release program for Sumatran Orangutans and thus many of the individuals are very used to humans.  We will have opportunities to get great closeup images of these gentle primates, many of which are nursing mothers.  Our accommodation, The Eco Lodge, backs onto this bio-centric wonder and does NOT use Palm Oil.  A true eco-lodge with utmost integrity for a nature lovers retreat.  The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable.  The restaurant provides a variety of classic Indonesian cuisine as well as Western meals.

Bridgette of Aussie Macro Photos has been to this location three times and has designed an itinerary for this Sumatra Photography Expedition from her experience to give you the best opportunities for seeing and photographing incredible creatures in their natural habitat.  Our local guides are extremely gifted at spotting their local wildlife and provide excellent service to ensure our comfort and enjoyment.

6 Days, 5 Nights. Maximum 8 Participants.

All images taken by Bridgette Gower during her visit in April 2023.

“Embarking on the Sumatra journey was an extraordinary experience, marked by impeccable organisation that made every aspect of the adventure seamless and unforgettable. Our daily hikes were filled with wildlife spotting. The sheer diversity of insects we encountered was a paradise for macro photographers, each sighting was just remarkable.  The highlight was the night in the jungle – a truly magical experience. The camping site, nestled between cliffs and rivers, provided a stunning backdrop for nocturnal photography. The abundance of wildlife in the middle of the forest was breathtaking, including many kinds of huntsmans, giant lizards and beautiful moths.  Bridgette and the crew were instrumental in making the journey unforgettable. Their friendliness, dedication, and passion were shown in every interaction. Always available to guide us and share their expertise. Sharing macro photography stories and learning from each other created an incredible sense of community. Being part of such a supportive and knowledgeable group made the journey so memorable.” Ewelina, Poland

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“Sumatra with Bridgette was amazing! I’m impressed at how smoothly the whole trip went; it was packed with hikes and also really well-paced. We saw a surprisingly large number of orangutans and monkeys and, of course, a ton of arthropod diversity. Hiking with our fantastic guides and so many other talented photographers was a dream: everyone was really knowledgeable and passionate and with so many practiced eyes scanning the forest we found endless, interesting subjects. If you do macrophotography and are considering this trip, I highly recommend it!”  Valentina, USA

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Key Information


(based on Twin Share)

$120 Single Room Supplement


Transfers to and from Medan to Expedition,Welcome and Farewell dinner, National Park Fees and Permits, Local guides, Jungle treks, Morning walks, Night walks, 1 night overnight in the jungle, all breakfasts and all food & water on tours, and comfortable accommodations.

Not Included: 

Flight costs to Medan

Full Itinerary Download PDF.

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March 3-8 2025 – Filling Fast

March 10-15 2025 – Now Open for Bookings

18-23 August 2024 – FULL


Book Now ($40 Booking Fee), OR for other Payment Options send an email.


The fine print: 5 people minimum for the expedition to proceed, maximum 8 participants.  Participants will be asked to sign a waiver prior to departure.  Check-in with the latest travel requirements before booking this Photography Expedition.

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