Halloween Night Walk in Cairns Botanic Gardens – Special Event


A Special Night for those in Cairns to see all the creepy crawlies and ghoulish critters amongst the darkness of the rainforest in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Special once-a-year Halloween Night Walk.  A family friendly night with younger minimum age group and reduced price for all to enjoy.

The tour will introduce you to the much-loved White-lipped tree frogs, Northern Stony Creek frogs, and many other species of amphibians. For those who like spiders, there are many that can be seen on the tour such as Net-casting spiders, Mirror-ball Spiders, Huge Orb-weavers, and Huntsmans. People not fond of spiders will be relieved to know that they are usually happily weaving their webs or sitting on tree trunks. We see an abundance of nocturnal insects like moths, crickets, beetles, and stick insects. Most of these animals only come out at night and therefore are unseen by most people.

Other animals that can be seen on a Let’s Go Buggin Night Walk include Micro-bats, Papuan Frogmouths, Striped Possums, Speckled Flying Foxes, Pythons, Bandicoots, Pademelons and Echidnas.

Bookings Essential
Saturday 28th and Tuesday 31st October
6:30 – 8:30 pm

$60 Adult (16 +) – SAVE $8
$10 Child (8-15) Must be accompanied by an adult – SAVE $50


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