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Let’s Go Buggin 2022 Calendar


Featuring the BEST photographs of animals and Fungi featured on Let’s Go Buggin Tours in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Printed in Australia on quality gloss paper, January to December, Weekly days start on Monday, Calendar pages have space to write. All featured animals and fungi will have Scientific names and short descriptions.  100% Plastic-Free packaging.


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2022 Calendar – Let’s Go Buggin

The 2022 Calendar will feature 12 of most-loved images from the animals and fungi seen in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.  Including;

January – Feather-Horned Beetle (Rhipicera mystacina)

February Basket Stinkhorn Fungi (Colus pusillus)

March – Palm Planthopper (Magia subocellata)

April – White-lipped Tree Frog (Litoria infrafrenata)

May – Orange Stinkhorn Mushrooms (Phallus mulitcolor)

June – Cairns Birdwing Caterpillar (Ornithoptera euphorion)

July – Cairns Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera euphorion)

August – Giant Rainforest Mantis (Hierodula majuscula)

September – Undescribed Lacebug (Tingidae) aka The Midgey Bridgey

October – Green Jumping Spider (Mopsus mormon)

November – Wood Polypore Fungi (Favolus aff. tenuiculus)

December – Northern Stony Creek Frog (Litoria jungguy)

Let’s Go Buggin Tours in the Cairns Botanic Gardens

From the brains behind many much-loved images on Aussie Macro Photos, Cairns photographer Bridgette Gower has created the first of its kind tour in Cairns the offers something for everyone from curious kids to professional photographers.

“I’ve spent endless hours, walking the paths, peering into bushes, leaning on tree trunks, crouching on boardwalks, kneeling on logs, lying on grass beds, discovering the host plants, seasonal changes and favourite habitats of many of our local miniature beauties.” Says tour creator Bridgette Gower.

“From frogs to caterpillars, beetles to butterflies, this tour is a welcome addition for visitors to Cairns as well as something new for locals to experience.”

The tour takes place in tropical paradise – Cairns Botanic Gardens, Bridgette will share with you several bug-hubs she has discovered that hides the most elusive beauties!

So, if you are a professional photographer who would love to just ‘go-to’ that spot where to find such a creature, rather than spend hours trekking through the rainforest just being lucky to spot that 5mm spec in the vastness of the wild!

The tours are also perfect to capture your imagination and spark your curiosity when you see the beauty and weirdness that nature offers when you slow down and tune your focus to the incredible world that carries on in front of you.

For more stories about the artist, visit her Blog Buggin with Bridgey


Bridgette uses Olympus OMD EM1 ii

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