Let’s Go Buggin – School Excursions in the Cairns Botanic Gardens

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Let’s Go Buggin provides fascinating School Excursions of discovery and wonder in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

School groups can enjoy an exciting walk in beautiful surroundings while learning about the magical creatures that inhabit the tropical north.

Such tiny and wondrous animals such as our local butterflies and caterpillars, frogs, fungi and a huge variety of insects and spiders.

Children are fascinated by the weird and wonderful formations of our tiny creatures and can be inspired to care for the environment by observing these animals in their natural habitat.

The children are taught to ‘look but don’t touch’ as well as respect our wildlife and their importance in our environment.

Bug Alley is a tiny section of boardwalk that I have consistently found a variety of insects, spiders, amphibians and reptiles.  It’s been an amazing ‘hot-spot’ for critter spotting!

If you are wanting an added scientific element for your school, a recent discovery in Bug Alley, is currently being studied at the University of NSW.  After the long and complex study, the new Lace Bug, will finally have a name!

Thank you so much for watching and I’d love to hear from you and your school soon!



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Flexibility is Key!  Aussie Macro Photos understands that in order to work with schools, the timing and program needs to be adaptable.  We are open to hearing what will work best for your school group and are happy to adapt timing and itinerary to suit.

A standard tour might look like this…

9am                 Arrive

9.15                 Briefing

9.30 to 10.30 First Session inside Flecker Gardens to see butterflies, caterpillars and a variety of spiders and other insects on various planted gardens in known areas.

10.30-11         Morning Tea

11-12.30         Second Session – A walk of discovery through the Rainforest Boardwalk to hotspot ‘Bug Alley’ to see Orange Tortoise Beetles, a variety of bugs including the Undescribed LaceBug, and many other insects, spiders, reptiles and amphibians.  Return via the Frog pond to see some of our cutest native frogs.


As part of the School Excursion experience, children are each given a handout, relevant to the particular season in which they are participating.   Due to extensive experience of conducting tours year-round, Let’s Go Buggin is aware of the different species that come and go throughout the tropical seasons.

Children love the handouts and trying to find all the critters on the Treasure Hunt.

Can take home…  more education and what they can look for at home…

Educational walks in beautiful surroundings of the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

midgey Bridgey undescribed Lacebug Tingidae

Scientific Discovery

A discovery made on the Let’s Go Buggin tour route of an incredible undescribed Lacebug (Tingidae), is a fascinating tiny creature that offers an unusual educational element for school excursions.

Depending on the age group and interest level, some added information and time can be spent looking at these beautiful bugs which are regularly seen year-round on a plant on the rainforest boardwalk.

The lacebug is currently being classified at the University of NSW, by a Tingidae (Lacebug) specialist and is currently on the journey to having a scientific name.

You can learn more about this exciting discovery and the story in a Mini-Documentary here: 

NEW Caterpillar Garden

In a brand new venture, initiated by Aussie Macro Photos, every $1 from each student participating on a Let’s Go Buggin School Excursion will go towards the development of a dedicated themed Caterpillar Garden within the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

A brand new project, recently Greenlit by The Friends of The Botanic Gardens, will include a variety of host plants known to attract butterflies to lay eggs.  Having these known plants in a themed garden all in one area of the gardens will provide an exceptional experience to see and learn about our beautiful native butterflies and caterpillars and can be used to initiate educational lessons on metamorphosis and life cycles.

The Friends of the Botanic Gardens will be working with local botanists and entomologists to assess the suitability of the different caterpillar host plants, and will be well maintained and cared for with the caterpillar’s well-being as a priority.