Buggin with Bridgey – June 2021

Buggin with Bridgey is a Monthly report of sightings from the Let’s Go Buggin Photography Tour in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.  As the months roll by, subtle changes in the seasons bring sightings of new creatures and this report aims to give people a wrap up of the current animals seen as well as provide an ongoing citizen science account of our wonderful critters that can be seen in the tropical north of Queensland.

Photography Tour Cairns Botanic Gardens – Let’s Go Buggin JUNE Monthly Report

Let’s Go Buggin Tours June

Well the colder weather has certainly set in and with dribs and drabs of rain, the season is certainly going through a transitional phase.  I just love keeping recordings of the species I am seeing as the months go by.  The insect world becomes more and more fascinating the more you learn.  I can still go out and on most walks will see something I haven’t seen before.

Fruit-sucking moth (Eudocima aurantia)

A truly mesmerising first time sighting was this camouflage superhero!  The Fruit Sucking Moth was just quietly sitting in a trance on top of a leaf.  We got some photos and it just didn’t even flinch once!   Putting a bit of flash on this very dull-leaflike moth bought out the colours and detail.  Notice the nostrel-like protrusions and the antennae’s that are folded back are hiding underneath the forewing.

Fruit-sucking Moth on Let's Go Buggin Tours in Cairns Botanic Gardens

Fire-back Huntsman (Beregama cordata)

Bug Alley has delivered me a beautiful Huntsman Spider that is a bit of a gem for Marco Photographers…a Fire-back Huntsman (Beregama cordata).  She left a bit of trail of destruction… the first time we saw her was mid-May with a bit of a spider party going on in some curled up leaves.  On the next morning tour I saw a fresh spider body on the leaf below, which I now call ‘her husband’.    We now see her on the Night Walks but so far I have not been able to see her in the right position to be able to get a front on picture.  Hopefully I will get a chance soon.  Isn’t the hot lighting rod on her abdomen amazing?!

Garden katydids (Caedicia sp.)

Equally as pretty and definitely injecting the photography experience with a bit of lovely-weirdness is the sightings of juvenile Garden Katydids.   Often hiding in Pink Flowers, the juvenile can present as pink, which is pretty cool.  They always have the face of being a cranky man being interrupted… but it’s just their face…they all look like that!

‘Amy’ the Amethystine Python (Morelia amethistina)

Well I have to say that I have seen more snakes in the last 6 months than I have ever seen in my life.   Perhaps it’s because I walk the same routes and I am starting to see more in the general landscape, or maybe I’m just getting better at spotting them.

Amy first appeared in Late May.  Since that first encounter I have seen her another 8 times all within a 50 metre range.   She often has a sleep in the sun and we have even seen her on a Night Walk waiting to strike at an unsuspecting rodent that would cross her path on the edge of a storm water drain.  The next morning I found her sunbaking with a nice round lump half way down her body.  She had a good night.   She’s a very chilled out snake and barely moves when I come to say hello.

Green Grid Stink Bugs (Antestiopsis cederwaldi)

One of the first stops on Let’s Go Buggin morning tours in June were these lovely Green Grid Stink Bugs that are inhabiting some gorgeous red flowers making the scene a lovely colourful setting to bring some warm hues into my collection of photographs.  I often saw 2 or more bugs on a single flower, so that was a very cute way to start off the tours.

If you are interested in a seeing some of these animals and more or are wanting some cool critters to photograph, please come and join me for a tour in Cairns. Visit the Book A Tour page and we will see you on a Let’s Go Buggin Tour Soon!

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Bridgette uses Olympus OMD EM1 ii, 60mm M.Zuiko lens and CygnusTech Diffuser.