Singapore is a beautiful modern city with a variety of attractions for people to visit.  This tour has been created for those joining the Sumatra Photography Expeditions as an Optional Add-on.  With the close proximity to Sumatra, Singapore is the most common airport for International flights to access Medan, the Sumatran city in which we fly into to start our Expedition.

Singapore’s nature reserves are rich and plentiful with endemic and unusual species to see and photograph.  Bridgette’s past visits have led her to create this tour for participants to explore tried-and-true to see the best of what Singapore has to offer.

Morning walks will be at two different nature parks featuring a variety of arthropods, arachnids, mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, gastropods and fungi.

Night Walks will be led by a local Singaporean photographer and expert in two different locations.  A variety of fascinating insects, spiders, retiles and frogs awaits us in a variety of ecosystems including parkland, mangrove boardwalk and rainforests.

The afternoons have been kept free for you to take advantage to explore the variety of other attractions that Singapore has on offer.  Suggestions include the Botanic Gardens, Gardens By The Bay as well as the incredible shopping.