Suggested items to bring include…

ALL WALKS:  Your choice of camera, your prescription eyewear. During the wet season, camera protection is recommended, and you may like to bring a poncho or light raincoat in case of a short shower.    If you don’t have a camera, I can provide rental equipment (pre-book ONLY), which includes a free 16 GB memory stick for you to keep.  See Camera Hire.

MORNING WALKS:  Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. Most areas are shady however, there are a few sunny spots as well.

NIGHT WALKS: Torches are needed for Night Walks.  The light on your mobile phone will not be bright enough to give any decent visibility in the rainforest.  Feel free to bring your own, or I have some simple head torches to use free of charge.

MUSHROOM PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS:  If you like to get onto the ground to take pics of mushrooms (recommended for the best angles), then I suggest a towel or pants that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Knee pads for the serious mushroom photographer.