MORNING WALKS: I have specific locations to see Cairns Birdwing Caterpillars, Four O’Clock moth caterpillars, Dwarf Eastern Tree Frogs, Orange Tortoise Beetles and many other animals which have a regular host plant that they live on. As we are in a natural environment, there are no guarantees of seeing a specific creature. Most animals in the insect kingdom will move from plant to plant so they can be spotted anywhere.  Rest assured I have excellent bug-spotting eyes and will see things most people won’t notice.

NIGHT WALKS:  There is a number of nocturnal insects and spiders that can be seen all year round for example, Crickets and Katydids, Huntsman spiders and Net Casting spiders.  Flying Foxes and Microbats are also seen all year round.  Frogs can be seen all year round, but we see MANY during the wet season.   Papuan Frogmouth Birds, Striped Possums, Giant White-tailed Rats, Bandicoots are seen regularly.  Occasional encounters with Pythons, Echidnas, Pademelons.

MUSHROOM PHOTOGRAPHY WALKS: Stinkhorn Mushrooms (Phallus species),  Ganoderma species, Fairy Inkcaps, Mycena species, Gymnopus Species, Yellow Jelly Fungi, Boletus species, Earth Stars, Marasmius species, Birds Nest Fungi, and various slime moulds.