My mission to find a Maratus Peacock Jumping Spider

My mission to find a Maratus Peacock Jumping Spider continues… I’ve spent months, many days, for many hours now walking at a snail’s pace, searching for the tiny cute little critters. My son Toby would come along when he could or when the skatepark wasn’t calling his name to get photos for his major Year 6 macro photography exhibition project.

We have been in touch with the ultimate Peacock Spider expert, who was kind enough to offer some advice to help us find one. We’ve looked in areas of Hunters Hill, Lane Cove National Park and also various areas around the Barrenjoey Peninsula on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Plenty of interesting little creatures and other little jumping spiders which are always fun to photograph. But alas, no Maratus.

Just when we were beginning to think this is mission impossible, our friendly peacock spiderman reached out very kindly, to check if Toby had any luck finding a Maratus yet!? When I told him no, sadly not, he gave me one very specific location where we could find the Maratus volans species if I swore to keep it a secret. I was so excited!

Toby was busy so I decided to scope out the secret spot to see if I could find one. My mum came along to keep me company. And exactly where he was supposed to be, there was Volans! It seemed so surreal to be suddenly looking at a peacock spider after all this time. My mum actually gets the credit, she spotted it first while I was distracted by a different jumping spider! Heart racing, I scrambled to get the shot while I could, but in the end, we were able to spend about an hour with this little spunk while he was perfectly positioned and being a superb super model.

Maratus volans male

He didn’t spot any females to dance for while we were there, so that gives me a good reason to go back! To see him in full display mode.

Meanwhile Toby reached the point of having to wrap up his project. But it seems finding Maratus has become more my hobby than his! The mission to find one on my own continues. Hopefully more Peacock Spider stories to come!